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Apply For Grants

The North Carolina Bar Association Foundation announces its most recent endowment grants approved on June 19, 2014, at the Board of Directors meeting in Wilmington. A total of 20 grants for July-December 2014 were approved in the amount of $134,107 including 15 statewide and five local/regional grants. This grant cycle includes support for four legal service projects; three law school projects; two law student outreach programs; two youth outreach projects; one judicial project; one project each in Wake County, Winston-Salem, Asheville and Charlotte.

Endowment Grant Application

To apply for an Endowment Grant, please download and fill out the following application. Completed forms can be sent to

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The purposes of the NCBA Foundation Endowment are:

  • To build respect for and understanding of the law;
  • To support the delivery of legal services to eligible indigent communities;
  • To support legally related community service projects;
  • To study, improve and facilitate the administration of justice; and
  • To enhance the professional competence of lawyers.

Semi-annual grants assist dozens of statewide bar and legally related service/educational projects of many bar-affiliated non-profit organizations. The Endowment is the philanthropic workhorse of the NCBA Foundation and the NCBA. Since 1988, 596 endowment grants totaling more than $4.7 million have been awarded.

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