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Justice Fund

Justice Funds: Honoring the Great Lawyers of North Carolina

Justice Funds honor North Carolina lawyers, past and present, whose careers have shown dedication to the pursuit of justice and outstanding service to the profession and to the public.

A Justice Fund is a named endowment and may be established in recognition of an attorney with a gift of $50,000 by one or more contributors (a group of attorneys, associates and family members). Restricted Justice Funds earmarked for specific new projects may be created with a minimum gift of $100,000 to the Endowment.

North Carolina lawyers honored by the creators of a Justice Fund receive special recognition in the form of a permanent, copper-etched plaque and biographical sketch maintained at the North Carolina Bar Center in Cary, North Carolina.

If you would like to talk to someone about establishing a Justice Fund, please contact Tom Hull at 1.800.662.7407 or thull@ncbar.org.

The North Carolina Bar Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all contributions are tax deductible.

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Justice Funds Honoree List (As of Aug. 26, 2016)

Arch T. Allen, Jr., Raleigh, 1910-1991
Charles B. Aycock, Raleigh, 1859-1912
E. Osborne Ayscue, Monroe, 1903-1970
E. Osborne Ayscue, Jr., Charlotte, 1933
Frank M. Bell, Jr.*, Winston-Salem, 1955
Ranlet S. Bell*, Winston-Salem, 1948
James D. Blount, Jr., Raleigh, 1927
William H. Bobbitt, Raleigh, 1900-1992
Joseph Branch, Enfield, 1915-1991
David M. Britt*, Raleigh, 1917-2009
W. Earl Britt*, Raleigh, 1932
Aubrey Lee Brooks, Greensboro, 1871-1958
Irving E. Carlyle, Winston-Salem, 1896-1971
Julius L. Chambers, Charlotte, 1936-2013
Evelyn M. Coman, Durham, 1953-2002
William C. Coughenour, Jr., Salisbury, 1917-2006
William T. Covington, Jr., Charlotte, 1907-2001
Ferd Leary Davis, Jr., Buies Creek, 1941
William K. Davis, Winston-Salem, 1939
Charles D. Dixon*, Hickory, 1926-2016
Alan W. Duncan, Greensboro, 1954
Franklin T. Dupree, Jr., Raleigh, 1913-1995
Clifton W. Everett, Greenville, 1917-1989
Daniel W. Fouts, Greensboro, 1932-2003
Charles L. Fulton, Raleigh, 1927
Wade M. Gallant, Jr., Winston-Salem, 1930-1988
James B. Garland, Gastonia, 1920-2002
Peter Woods Garland, Gastonia, 1881-1957
Joseph W. Grier, Jr., Charlotte, 1915-2010
Walter L. Hannah, Greensboro, 1924-2012
Allan B. Head*, Raleigh, 1944
B. T. Henderson, II, Raleigh, 1928-2000
William M. Hendren, Winston-Salem, 1871-1939
Marcus T. Hickman, Charlotte, 1922-2006
J. Mack Holland, Jr., Gastonia, 1913-2000
Robert D. Holleman, Durham, 1914-2000
H. Gardner Hudson, Winston-Salem, 1896-1979
Hubert B. Humphrey*, Greensboro, 1928-2003
Bynum M. Hunter*, Greensboro, 1925
Lawrence McNeill Johnson, Aberdeen, 1923-2008
Richard S. Jones, Jr., Franklin, 1934
William Joslin, Raleigh, 1920-2011
Annie B. Kennedy, Winston-Salem, 1924       
Frank H. Kennedy, Charlotte, 1893-1975
John A. Kleemeier, Jr., Greensboro, 1911-1973
Horace R. Kornegay, Greensboro, 1924-2009
Dr. I. Beverly Lake*, Wake Forest, 1906-1996
Hugh L. Lobdell, Charlotte, 1908-1982
George A. Long, Burlington, 1911-1999
Clement Manly, Winston-Salem, 1853-1928
Howard E. Manning, Raleigh, 1914-2002
Linville K. Martin, Winston-Salem, 1896-1954
John W. Mason, Asheville, 1944
Armistead J. Maupin, Raleigh, 1914-2005
T. Michael McLarry, Raleigh, 1950-1987
Stephen P. Millikin, Greensboro, 1926-2007
Henry A. Mitchell, Jr., Raleigh, 1935    
Beverly Cooper Moore, Greensboro, 1909-2001
James O. Moore, Charlotte, 1909-1988
Joseph C. Moore, Jr., Raleigh, 1919-1988
William F. Mulliss, Charlotte, 1911-1988
Joseph T. Nall, Washington, DC, 1942-1989
James R. Nance, Fayetteville, 1908-1985
William L. Osteen, Greensboro, 1930-2009
J. Dickson Phillips, Jr., Chapel Hill, 1922
E.K. Powe, Durham, 1921-2011
L. Richardson Preyer, Greensboro, 1919-2001
J. Norfleet Pruden, III*, Charlotte, 1948
Alfred L. Purrington, Jr., Raleigh, 1902-1995
Christy Eve Reid, Charlotte, 1951-2014
Leon L. Rice, Jr., Winston-Salem, 1912-1987
Landon H. Roberts, Asheville, 1921-2007
John M. Robinson, Charlotte, 1887-1963
D. P. Russ, Jr., Fayetteville, 1918-2010
W. Pendleton Sandridge, Winston-Salem, 1904-1982
Terry Sanford, Durham, 1917-1998
Braxton Schell, Greensboro, 1924-2008
Larry B. Sitton, Greensboro, 1940
William P. Skinner, Jr., Raleigh, 1929-2013
George M. Smedes, Goldsboro, 1850-1885
J. Troy Smith, Jr., New Bern, 1942
Julius C. Smith, Greensboro, 1889-1968
Willis Smith*, Raleigh, 1887-1953
Willis Smith, Jr.*, Raleigh, 1921-1971
William P. Skinner, Jr., Raleigh, 1929-2013
Sidney J. Stern, Jr., Greensboro, 1914-1991
John S. Stevens, Asheville, 1933
Ralph M. Stockton, Jr., Winston-Salem, 1927-2004
William M. Storey, Raleigh, 1924-1981
Carol D. Taliaferro, Charlotte, 1888-1960
C. Woodrow Teague, Raleigh, 1913-2013
Sydnor Thompson, Jr., Charlotte, 1924-2015
Richard Elton Thigpen, Charlotte, 1900-2002
Richard E. Thigpen, Jr., Charlotte, 1930
C. Sydnor Thompson, Jr., Charlotte, 1924-2015
William L. Thorp, Chapel Hill, 1925-2001
Newman A. Townsend, Jr., Raleigh, 1913-1987
William K. Van Allen, Charlotte, 1914-2011
Charles F. Vance, Jr., Winston-Salem, 1924-1999
Robert C. Vaughn, Jr., Winston-Salem, 1931
Clarence W. Walker*, Charlotte, 1931
David L. Ward, Jr., New Bern, 1935
Edward Jenner Warren, Washington, 1824-1876
Charles Frederic Warren, Washington, 1852-1904
Lindsay C. Warren, Jr., Goldsboro, 1924-2016
Carroll W. Weathers, Winston-Salem, 1901-1983
Elizabeth Dunn White, Greensboro, 1954-1995
B. S. Womble, Winston-Salem, 1882-1976
Calder Willingham Womble*, Winston-Salem, 1922-2008
William F. Womble, Winston-Salem, 1916
Marvin R. Wooten, Lincolnton, 1928-2009
Charles H. Young, Raleigh, 1915-2011

*Indicates a restricted Justice Fund