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Below is a listing of active Committees for the 2018-19 bar year: 

  • + 4ALL Statewide Service Day

    4ALL Statewide Service Day

    4ALL Statewide Service Day Committee plans and implements the NCBF’s flagship public service program, a phone-a-lawyer event that occurs annually at call centers located across the state. 

  • + Annual Meeting

    Annual Meeting

    Annual Meeting Committee assists with planning the NCBA Annual Meeting. 

  • + Appellate Rules

    Appellate Rules

    Appellate Rules Committee examines the rules of appellate procedure and recommends any revisions to the Board of Governors for ultimate referral and consideration by the N.C. Supreme Court. 

    More About Appellate Rules
  • + Awards & Recognitions

    Awards & Recognitions

    The Awards & Recognitions Committee reviews all awards and recognitions bestowed by the NCBA and the NCBF, including but not limited to the naming of existing awards and recognitions and establishment and naming of new awards. 

  • + Civic Education & Community Engagement

    Civic Education & Community Engagement

    Formerly Middle School Mock Trial

  • + Communications


    Communications Committee monitors the communications program of the NCBA/NCBF, monitors production of the This is the Law pamphlet series, and judges the NCBA Media and the Law Awards presented annually at the N.C. Press Association’s winter conference.

  • + Continuing Legal Education Advisory

    Continuing Legal Education Advisory

    Continuing Legal Education Advisory Committee provides strategic advice to the Director of CLE concerning offerings of the CLE department.  Committee members with competencies in e-commerce, curriculum design, online learning management systems, adult learning, and publishing are sought.

  • + Development


    Development Committee provides volunteer leadership for all Foundation fundraising initiatives, including the Annual Fund Campaign, Endowment Gifts, Major Gifts Development, Planned Gifts, and Recognition Gifts. Members support gift stewardship and recognition efforts.”

  • + Future of Law

    Future of Law

    Future of Law Committee tracks and analyzes the impact of leading edge technology in the law.

  • + Judicial Independence (A)

    Judicial Independence (A)

    Judicial Independence Committee strives to increase public and legislative awareness of the importance of an independent judiciary and seeks improvements in judicial selection in North Carolina. 

  • + Judicial Performance Evaluation (A)

    Judicial Performance Evaluation (A)

    Judicial Performance Evaluation Committee oversees the survey of North Carolina lawyers as a public service to evaluate the trial bench candidates (Superior and District Courts) in each election cycle. 

  • + Justice & Judiciary (A)

    Justice & Judiciary (A)

    The Justice & Judiciary Committee monitors the civil and criminal justice systems in North Carolina, addresses important issues such as overcrowded court dockets, creation of new courts, public defender's offices and judicial salaries, and promotes cooperation between the bench and the bar to advance the legal profession and its service to the public. 

  • + Law School Liaison (C)

    Law School Liaison (C)

    Law School Liaison Committee facilitates communication between legal educators and the practicing bar and serves as a clearinghouse for information regarding N.C. law schools. 

  • + Lawyer Referral Service (A)

    Lawyer Referral Service (A)

    Lawyer Referral Service Committee monitors the operation of our North Carolina Lawyer Referral Service and recommends improvements to the program.

  • + Leadership Academy (A)

    Leadership Academy (A)

    Leadership Academy Committeehelps young lawyers become effective leaders in their communities, including the legal profession, their firms, legal departments or other workplaces and any other environments where lawyers regularly have calls or opportunities for leadership. 

  • + Legislative Advisory (A)

    Legislative Advisory (A)

    Legislative Advisory Committee works with the NCBA’s Office of Governmental Affairs to provide advice and counsel to the Board of Governors regarding public policy and legislative priorities. It closely considers strategies and initiatives that the NCBA may undertake to effectively advance its legislative agenda, particularly on substantive legislation involving the legal profession and the administration of justice. The Committee will develop and propose recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding various legislative strategies.

  • + Membership (A)

    Membership (A)

    Membership Committee is charged with identifying, recommending and implementing strategies to encourage new and continued membership of qualifying legal professionals in the NCBA.  The committee reviews all services offered to NCBA members, hosts member networking and social events, as well as leads efforts for membership recruitment and retention.

  • + Minorities in the Profession (C)

    Minorities in the Profession (C)

    Minorities in the Profession Committee is dedicated to the outreach and promotion of an increased presence of minorities in the legal profession. 

    More About Minorities in the Profession (C)
  • + NC LEAP (F)

    NC LEAP (F)

    NC LEAP Committee provides direction and oversight to the NC LEAP pro bono program, through which volunteer attorneys provide free legal assistance to low-wealth entrepreneurs on business law and intellectual property matters. 

  • + Oversight (F)

    Oversight (F)

    Oversight Committee provides direction to the NCBF’s program and fundraising efforts, including NCBF program evaluation. In 2017-18, the OC will define the NCBF’s mission and support the development of impact-based giving initiatives. 

  • + Privacy & Data Security (A)

    Privacy & Data Security (A)

    Privacy & Data Security Committee will focus on the expanding issues of privacy and cybersecurity law that are impacting the public and the legal profession. The committee has also been established to monitor and discuss issues relative to the new specialty certification in Privacy and Information Security Law that has been proposed by the N.C. State Bar and its Board of Legal Specialization. 

  • + Pro Bono (A)

    Pro Bono (A)

    Pro Bono Committee advises on activities relating to pro bono delivery of legal services and annually selects recipients of NCBA Pro Bono Awards. 

    More About Pro Bono (A)
  • + Professionalism (A)

    Professionalism (A)

    Professionalism Committee develops and oversees professionalism initiatives and recommends a recipient for the annual H. Brent McKnight Renaissance Lawyer Award.

  • + Professional Wellness (C)

    Professional Wellness (C)

    Professional Wellness Committeeengages in activities to help attorneys successfully practice law in an increasingly complex and competitive profession. 

  • + Transitioning Lawyers Commission

    Transitioning Lawyers Commission

    Transitioning Lawyers Commission addresses issues involved with winding down a law practice and retiring gracefully. 

    More About Transitioning Lawyers Commission
  • + Women in the Profession (C)

    Women in the Profession (C)

    WIP is the centralized hub for NCBA members who seek to positively affect issues traditionally associated with women in the legal profession.  Through community service, educational projects, and networking events, WIP identifies ways to encourage and maintain the active participation and advancement of women in the legal profession.  We would love for you to join us to become part of a national movement to bring women and women’s issues into the spotlight.  

    More About Women in the Profession (C)