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Veterans Pro Bono Project Needs You!

Veterans Pro Bono Project Needs You!

Law students, legal professionals and social workers from the Veterans Pro Bono Network piloted a wills for veterans pro bono project at the Hefner VA Medical Center in Salisbury.

The Veterans Pro Bono Project was established in 2014 with a mission to expand pro bono representation to veterans throughout the state of North Carolina. While a central concern was addressing a backlog of disability claims, it became clear that the need was much broader in scope. Indeed, the unmet legal needs of low-income and disabled veterans, servicemembers and their families are not unlike those of anyone else without the means to afford legal representation:

  • A terminally ill veteran needing to set up guardianship so that he knows his children will have a loving home.
  • A veteran and his wife facing foreclosure due to a problem tenant not paying rent while they were away caring for a dying parent.
  • A veteran in hospice care, barely able to speak on the phone due to multiple strokes, being pursued for a debt created by hospital billing error.
  • Men and women in treatment for combat related depression and trauma, now fighting for the right to see their children and be part of the future their sacrifices made possible. 

These are cases that legal services providers cannot serve. These are individuals whose only hope is to connect with an attorney willing to assist on a pro bono basis. These are the cases that the NCBA Veterans Pro Bono Project sees every day.

Over the past few months, we have worked to develop an efficient referral system for these cases. What we need now is a deep bench of volunteers committed to helping us answer the call.

The need for assistance ranges from simple phone consultations to assistance filling out forms and filing answers to representation at hearings and drafting documents. In short, every lawyer in North Carolina has something to give to a veteran in need. Let us help connect you to that need.

To stay informed about the need and ways you can help, please join the new Military and Veterans Law (MVL) Section, currently forming. The MVL Section coordinates legal services, connects lawyers and other veterans’ service professionals and promotes initiatives to support our military and veterans.  Dues are only $40 and will cover membership through June. Click here to join now.

If you are ready to volunteer with the Veterans Project today, please contact Andi Bradford at to sign up and discuss next steps.