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May Expert Series CLE:

  • Cybersecurity for the Modern Practice: The Risks, the Realities and the Solutions

    In this CLE, David Furr and Chris Swecker provide information on reasonable steps to take and the need to become cyber-efficient in the modern practice of law. They review the current status of the legal and ethical best practices, recent law firm-reported breaches, and practical technology solutions to address the issues. This session qualifies for 0.5 Hours NC State Bar Ethics/Professional Responsibility credit and satisfies the 2020 NC State Bar Technology Training requirement.

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April Expert Series CLE:

  • North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission Rule Amendments 2020

    North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission staff, Tara Kozlowski and Maureen Robinson, present the Dispute Resolution Commission rule amendments of 2020 for the Superior Court Mediated Settlement Conferences (MSC) Rules, the Family Court Family Financial Cases (FFS) Rules and the Standards of Professional Conduct. Qualifies for NC State Bar Ethics/Professional Responsibility credit. Qualifies for NC Dispute Resolution Commission Continuing Mediator Education credit.

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March Expert Series CLE:

  • The SECURE Act and the New Required Minimum Distribution Rules: What You Need to Know

    The SECURE Act became law on December 20, 2019, making dramatic changes to the required minimum distribution rules for beneficiaries of retirement plans and IRAs. The Act eliminates the favorable “stretch” IRA for most beneficiaries of retirement accounts, limiting the favorable lifetime payout option to a new category of beneficiaries called “eligible designated beneficiaries.” Most other beneficiaries now must withdraw benefits over a five- or ten-year period.

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February Expert Series CLE:

  • Safeguarding the Privilege: Privilege and Work-Product Update

    Hear an overview of when the attorney-client and work-product privileges apply in North Carolina before exploring recent trends in those areas. Courts in North Carolina, as well as other jurisdictions, closely examine claims of privilege when based on the presence of in-house counsel. Also, courts have explored how to apply these privileges to internal investigations. Learn about these recent cases, and others, to guard against waiver in your practice. Qualifies for NC State Bar Ethics credit.

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January Expert Series CLE:

  • North Carolina State Bar Ethics Review 2019

    In this hour-long conversation, North Carolina State Bar Assistant Director Peter Bolac and Ethics Counsel Brian Oten detail the State Bar’s ethics process and review the formal ethics opinions adopted by the State Bar in 2019. This review covers ethical issues on topics including virtual currency, relationships with opposing parties and social media. Qualifies for NC State Bar Ethics/Professional Responsibility credit.

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December Expert Series CLE:

  • Addiction in the Workplace

    What is addiction? How can we recognize it in employees, loved ones and friends? Lewis Finch and Shannon Ware of Welwynn Outpatient Center share important and timely information on addiction in the workplace, providing facts and figures about addiction to answer these and other pertinent questions. With a goal of addressing the addiction instead of concealing it, Lewis and Shannon outline ways to help navigate a path to recovery.Qualifies for NC State Bar Substance Abuse/Mental Health credit.

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November Expert Series CLE:

  • Finding, Gathering and Keeping Business and Legal Intelligence

    To be a true partner and asset to your clients, you need to know their industry and how to help them succeed. This session provides you with the resources you need to know, how to use them and how to stay on top of emerging trends and news that affect your clients. Plus, learn how to create your own repository to recall the information when you need it.

    This session satisfies the 2019 NC State Bar Technology Training requirement.

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October Expert Series CLE:

  • Enforcement and Compliance Trends

    Today’s climate of government enforcement against corporate wrongdoing includes scrutiny of global conduct at all levels of the company. More than ever, companies are expected to have effective compliance programs in place given the critical role those programs can play in preventing, detecting and resolving potential issues. This Expert Series CLE discusses the evolution of the focus on compliance programs and the elements of an effective program.

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September Expert Series CLE:

  • I'm Sorry, Dave, But I Can't Let You Do That: Self-Driving Cars and the Law

    After years of waiting, self-driving cars are here. Can the law keep up? The stakes are high: Trucking is the largest private-sector employer in several states. Municipalities rely on traffic revenue to keep the lights on. Multiple people have already been injured or killed. What will self-driving cars mean for this and the law? Where does liability reside? Do cars have black boxes? Who owns that data? Other IP? How secure are vehicles from hackers? What do the feds say about this? The states?

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August Expert Series CLE:

  • Regulating Airbnb and Related Short-Term Rentals in Community and Condominium Associations

    Airbnb has exploded in popularity nationwide. By using Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway and other similar app-based platforms, it’s now easier for people to find and rent properties. With this comes unique issues involving enforcement of covenants and regulation of this new form of emerging short-term rental. This CLE provides a brief overview of North Carolina law and covers the regulation of short-term rentals and enforcement of rental restrictions in homeowners associations.

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July Expert Series CLE:

  • The Special Cases of Special Counsel: Special Prosecutions and American History

    Today’s news is full of references to the Special Counsel and the investigations and prosecutions that have been generated by his office. This CLE features a discussion between a former United States Attorney and an award-winning journalist about the history of special prosecutions in the federal courts, the law governing the work of special prosecutors, and how a special prosecutor manages the extraordinary cases that have impacts far beyond the court system.

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